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Dog will do anything to avoid going to the vet !

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Dog will do anything to avoid going to the vet !
Pop-A-Lock Ottawa to the rescue today.  With the temperature hovering around -9 degrees today, a beloved pet named Gatsby was locked in the family van when the dog stepped on the key remote and locked the doors. Reunited with his happy owners Julie, Madeleine and Charlotte.  We have been providing Emergency Door Unlocking as a free service for the past +25 years.  This service includes when children, elderly people or in this case pets are mistakenly locked in vehicles.  It can happen to anyone.  
We have been called out in the summer time when owners bring their pets to shopping malls and leave them unattended in the car.  The temperature can soar quickly in a vehicle.  On a typical summer day with outside temperatures around 25 C, the inside of the car can reach 43 C in just 10 minutes.