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Pop-A-Lock Saves Kids!

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We are super excited to share positive news this morning from our Nation’s capital…Ottawa.  Our local Pop-A-Lock locksmith professionals were dispatched to rescue Kelly-Jo son (Evan) from her vehicle. She was cleaning the windows when the running car locked up on her.  She was very pleased that the service was free.  People are misinformed that all cars have an anti locking mechanism built into their vehicles.  Accidents can happen, whether the key is misplaced, the door locks malfunction or a child or pet depress a lock button.
Pop-A-Lock, North America’s largest network of Locksmiths & Security Professionals offer a free rescue service in the communities we serve.  If a child is mistakenly locked in a vehicle, our team can be reached to provide emergency unlocking services.  This program has been in existence since 1991 and has now rescued over 350,000 children since it’s inception.  If the child is in a threatening situation we recommend calling 9-1-1, then Pop-A-Lock.   If the situation is under control, find a local Pop-A-Lock technician online or call our toll free number for immediate assistance.  
The number to reach is 187POPALOCK.   
Additionally, our team is also there to help pet owners.  We have been routinely called to assist when pet owners have left pets in extreme hot or cold vehicles for a period of time.