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How to Use the Alarm System

How to Use the Alarm System
If your home is equipped with an alarm system, it’s paramount that everyone in the house knows how to use it properly. That includes the children. Go through all the functionalities of the alarm system several times, and talk about how they help your family stay safe.
Today’s children are more familiar with technology than parents may realize.  Study shows that  nearly 97 percent of children under the age of four had used a smartphone or other mobile device. Start by teaching kids the basics: how to arm and disarm the system, as well as how to identify different alerts. When instructing them, letting the alarm sound briefly for kids to familiarize themselves with the noise may eliminate panic later.

Parents should work with their kids to come up with a safe, yet memorable arm/disarm code for their alarm system. Finally, stress the importance of not sharing the code with others to prevent having to change it later.