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Rekeying vs Changing locks-Which one is right for my business?

Rekeying vs Changing locks-Which one is right for my business?


This process involves manipulating the lock so that the current keys no longer work. You’ will  need an entirely new set of keys for you, your employees, and anyone else you wish to have them.

This process is notably cheaper than changing a lock due to how little time it takes for an experienced locksmith to complete. But, it doesn’t affect the lock’s security in any way other than preventing someone who shouldn’t have a key from opening the lock.


Changing locks means swapping the previous lock for a new one. However, broken or picked locks that led to a break-in won’t do you much good if you replace them with a lock of the same security.

Changing locks is a solid option, if you’ve recently for those who would like all of their building’s locks to be of the same quality and security.

If you want added security, changing your locks is the option you should go with. You could even opt for a lock that has a keyless entry in order to prevent security issues regarding keyholders from arising in the future.

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